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Benni Harder S8E2

Benni Harder

In which Alpha has a theory, Loz has yogurt, we spend time with the dregs of humanity and ultimately sacrifice ourselves so that YOU can live.

· 36:14

"I don't think she's talking entirely to them. And I don't think she's talking entirely about Earth. I think she's talking to herself and she's talking about Gallifrey."

Reviews: Orphan 55
Air Date: 12th January 2020
Song: Benni based on Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
Additional notes: We will always remain a positive and upbeat podcast about Doctor Who, even when there are parts of an episode that aren't to our tastes. In fact, the more janky bits there are, the more material there is for sketches and songs. Hence, this week, we were extremely happy Oods. BENNI, ARE YOU OKAY?


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