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Panic Attack S8E6

Panic Attack

In which we talk about our own battles with depression and anxiety, applaud Doctor Who for tackling difficult issues, read beautiful poetry and there's probably a joke in there somewhere too.

· 35:39

"She's not tackling her own trauma at all because she's spending all her time entertaining her companions."

Reviews: Can You Hear Me?
Air Date: 9th February 2020
Song: What if Gods Were Arseholes? based on One of Us by Joan Osborne
Sketches: Nightmare Season by Chris Fosten. Alternative Reactions by Chris Fosten.
Haiku: Dark visions point them/ to jailed nightmarish prankster/ they stay bottled up
Additional notes: Laura had a cold recording this episode. In the edit there were A LOT of cuts which were just removing mucus-choked sneezes and coughs. Like a lot a lot. You wouldn't believe how many.


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