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Flipping the Bird S8E5

Flipping the Bird

In which Chris Alpha travels to Amsterdam in our suitcase-shaped TARDIS, we hear about some interesting fish parasites, Yaz finally has some agency and we find out what really happened with that talking cat in Ontario.

· 31:57

"Do you think the Doctor has got better at steering the TARDIS or do you think the Doctor just hates Adric?"
Reviews: Praxeus
Air Date: 2nd February 2020
Song: I am a Bird based on I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado
Sketches: Two Oods Roaming by Chris Fosten. Un Chat by Chris Mead. The Operation by Chris Fosten.
Haiku: Alien virus/ might solve plastic pollution/ goes for birds instead
Additional notes: This is a catch-up episodes and was recorded in two parts because we ran out of battery the first time. The splice is somewhere in the middle of Loz's anecdote about the fish parasites. See if you can spot it. Also, why is the cat French when under 4% of Ontario's population is Francophone? It's because the double-meaning of the title "Un Chat" made us laugh.


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