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Chib Changes Everything S8E8

Chib Changes Everything

In which we celebrate the end of a sprawling, messy, exhilarating two part finale with a sprawling, messy, (hopefully) exhilarating podcast.

· 01:10:23

"Even when her mind is wiped. Even when she's returned to being a child and the Time Lords are trying to integrate her back into society and be a normal boring Time Lord. That name comes back. That same TARDIS comes back. That need to go out and help people comes back. It's so deep within her that even if you wipe her brain and try and start again. She's still going to become that amazing rebel."
Reviews: The Ascension of the Cybermen/ The Timeless Children
Air Date: 23rd February & 1st March 2020
Song: There Is No Escape based on You Can Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac
Sketches: Doctor Queue by Chris Fosten. Jimmy Riddle by Chris Fosten. Ko Sharmus by Tom Salinsky. Remember Where We Parked the TARDIS by Chris Mead & Chris Fosten. Shooting the Cybershit by Chris Mead. So I Guess Basically Anyone Can Get Into the TARDIS now? by Chris Mead. Taking the Credit by Michael Gilroy-Sinclair. The Celestial Toy Shop by Chris Fosten. The Master Workshops New Names For A Cyber Patrol by Chris Mead. The Timeless Podcasts by Chris Mead.

Miracle child lives/ while last humans just survive/ unsafe haven waits
The Doctor listens/ surrounded by strip lighting/ tiny death goes large

What's making us feel g-ood?
Loz: Talking about mental health
Alpha: Rule of Three podcast
Sigma: Jagged Little Pill: the musical (recommended by Emily Jenik)

Additional notes: In the old days of the podcast we used to write too much, talk too much and have grandiose ideas that we were never going to pull off. We've calmed down a little over the years but this is a brief return to the grandiloquent Ood Cast of old. We had a blast.


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