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Be Kind S8E9

Be Kind

In which we review an episode of Doctor Who, filmed in a cupboard in one take, that still manages to be everything that is kind and clever in the world.

· 06:56

"To be honest, a lot of things have made me cry over the past few days but this was a different kind of cry."

Reviews: Message from the Doctor
Air Date: 25th March 2020
Song: Doctor in a Cupboard based on Michael in the Bathroom from Be More Chill
Sketches: Hide & Strax by Chris Mead
Haiku: Even in hiding/ she's saving us from ourselves/ darkness never wins
Additional notes: Even though this is our shortest episode ever (and still approximately four times longer than the thing it's reviewing) this also features the BIGGEST GUEST STAR we've ever had on The Ood Cast. So thank you to Dan Starkey (taking a break from nursing and destroying his enemies in battle).


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